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Second Banana Personalized Book


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Second Banana Personalized Book By Demond Wilson

Second Banana the bittersweet memoirs of the Sanford and Son years! A behind the scenes look at the legendary series the public never knew. A must read book for Sanford and Son fans worldwide!

Here at long last is the truth about the “Sanford & Son” years. The Second Banana Personalized Book is written with an unbiased love, not only for my partner and first banana Mr. Redd Foxx.

It is also an uncommonly candid look at the beginning of the series, and everything Redd and I underwent to pioneer the early television years for blacks in the industry.

I believe my love for the series is honest however, there are no punches pulled to present the truth about every aspect of the “Sanford & Son” years. For the shows devoted fans around the world this book will become sacrosanct.

The Second Banana Personalized Book is the definitive work that will put to rest once and for all the behind the scene truth. It was written with candor, pathos, and uncanny revelation.

Blessings Demond Wilson

  1. Mathew


    Second Banana: The Bitter Sweet Memoirs of Sanford & Son is a fantastic book, and one that is worth having. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

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